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Parallel Lines


 "BAD-UNIT" Semi random synthesizer

My latest project is a "passive" synthesizer powered through CV/Gate. The circuit is built around a hex Schmitt trigger inverter (cd40106) IC, where I've designed a basic circuit and improvised my way to an exciting result. The synthesizer features two voices, a square wave, and a sine wave (I think :)). The sound of the synthesizer is very raw and, to some extent, has its own somewhat semi-random character. BAD-UNIT is made in Sound Art Lab (Struer DK)



A Project Exploring Rotation and Magnetism

Turntable: The Magneturn instrument is centered around a turntable, positioned within a tripod frame. Upon this turntable rests a wooden board adorned with an array of ceramic objects, each with distinct magnetic properties. Some of these objects are affixed to computer fans, allowing them to rotate, while others remain stationary. A commonality among all these objects is their magnetic nature. The rotating objects house magnets, whereas the stationary ones have magnets in motion. The interaction between the rotating and non-rotating objects generates sound as forces come into play against the ceramic surface. Nestled at the heart of the turntable, on the wooden board, resides a contact microphone, capturing the sounds produced by the non-rotating objects.

The Tripod: The tripod, too, hosts a variety of objects that produce sound through magnetic interactions. Among these are small pipes, ceramic bowls, and a bell. Magnets have been strategically placed to influence the rotating objects on the turntable. Contact microphones are employed to capture the sounds emanating from the tripod.

The Sonic Experience: The resulting sounds vary depending on the placement of the objects on the turntable, resembling the gentle rhythmic percussion of different materials. The pendulum of magnets suspended from the tripod above the objects introduces an element of randomness to the rhythmic pattern. All the audio from the contact microphones is routed into a mixer, where additional effects such as delay, reverb, and filtering are applied to enhance the sonic landscape.

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