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Over the last three years, I've actively participated in a variety of workshops, with a primary focus on electronic sound and music. I employ both Modular and conventional synthesizers as educational tools to illustrate the intricacies of electronic sound and music. These synthesizers serve as valuable instruments for integrating and blending various areas of expertise, including electroacoustics, sensor technology, and electromagnetism.

"The Sound Laboratory"

The workshop focused on electroacoustics and experimental methods of producing sound. Participants worked with contact microphones, LDR sensors, synthesizers, and rotating elements that influenced the sound landscape. The workshop concluded with a speculative performance installation.

"The Synth Laboratory"

The workshop centered around the anatomy of synthesizers. Participants experimented with various forms of modulation, effects, filters, and connectivity options across different synthesizers and drum machines. The workshop ended with an ambient concert where participants took turns controlling the various synthesizers.

"DIY Drone-synth"

In the workshop, participants built their own drone synthesizer. A synthesizer kit was provided, and participants were instructed in soldering techniques, circuit logic, and introduced to the various components.

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